Do you guys plan on adding Barry Allen or Iris West to the rp?
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Not at present, but we wouldn’t be opposed to it if someone expressed interest. 

Bulletin From Batcomputer → Duodenary Game Participants


Recipients: Bane, Barbara Gordon, Bette Kane, Bruce Wayne, Cassandra Cain, Ciso Ramon, Dinah Lance, Dylan Sands, Elaine Marshe-Morton, Ev Crawford, Harleen Quinzel, Harvey Dent, Holly Robinson, Huntress, Jason Todd, Jin-Su Park, John Constantine, Madeline Cho, Madison Clement, Maggie Sawyer, Mark Bender, Mia Dearden, Nightwing, Red Arrow, Renee Montoya, Robin, Sarah Essen, Selina Kyle, Stephanie Brown, Thomas Blake, Tim Drake, Traci Thirteen, Zatanna Zatara and Zinda Blake

Subject: The Game Master

The self-titled Game Master is dead. His magical influence seems to have ended with him, so your watches are useless and can be taken off. You may or may not want to analyse them for the poison they used to contain.

His name was Minax Maros, born to a magician father, but he pushed the limits of his own powers to become the abomination who attacked you. The corpse found in the former Wayne Tower used to be one of his proteges, whom he murdered and disguised convincingly as himself. His protege helped end him.

Natalia Solita, the late Managing Director of the Gotham Gazette, secured a magical object that would strip Minax of his powers. There was a final confrontation with the Game Master (witnesses are not going to be named for their privacy), where she forced him to ingest the object. It did what it was supposed to do, but it also killed him in the process. Minax did not go down easily, and brutally cursed Natalia. We could not save her.

There have been other casualties among the game’s participants. Anarky, domestic terrorist, died going through the White Door without an adequate number of points. Raya Vestri passed away due to Minax’s machinations wherein she was forced by her teammates’ choices to take an experimental chemical that proved fatal. Nightwing was lost in the rescue efforts at Wayne Tower.

A memorial service will be held for Anarky, Natalia, Nightwing and Raya tomorrow at Gotham Cemetery at 09.00 hours. Your presence is requested, but not compelled. May you rest in peace and thank you for your service.

With our second season officially over, we ask that everyone bear with us for a few days while we shift gears and set up the plot for the third season. The plot page is now out of date, and will be updated this weekend. We also have a large Plot of The Week (did you miss those?) coming up, so there’s that to look forward to as well!

If you’ve been thinking about applying but haven’t sent in that application yet, now is an ideal time, since you’ll have a fresh plot waiting for you. 

We hope everyone enjoyed the finale. :——————-)

The results for the para mash-up are in! If you still want to participate but didn’t get to message us, do so now. A few people volunteered for extra slots, so we can still pair you up. We aren’t providing prompts because we’d like to see what people come up with on their own, but if both you and your partner are stuck for ideas, we can help. Pairings are as follows:

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Would you ever consider a Pandora character? I know you're primarily non-new 52 but I figured I'd ask!
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I don’t know much about her at all, but if your message us with what you have in mind, we might be able to work something out.

Congratulations. You have been accepted to Save This City. Please message the main blog from your account within twenty four hours and remember to do the following.

  • Read the formatting & etiquette guide.
  • Make sure your ask and submit are open and replies/anons are enabled.
  • Follow everyone on the follow list. 
  • Track the tag ’savethisstarter’ for open dash convos.

Name/age/timezone/preferred pronouns: Bunny / 19 / EST / She/her

Requested character: Jade Nguyen/Cheshire

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Please unfollow Dylan Sands. The role has been reopened at the player’s request. 

Gotham City has a crime problem. The people fear it, the heroes fight it, and the police contain it. But Gothamites are resilient, united by hope. What happens when that same hope is used against them?

While some of Gotham's best and bravest try to anticipate every citywide threat, one man plans to organize them. Like a puppeteer controls the whole scene, the Game Master has big plans for Gotham. Are you ready to face the threat?

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