Is Linda Park an open or taken character? Because her biography is tagged as taken but she isn't on the follow list.
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Our player had to drop the role, and we’re waiting to hear from her on whether or not she’ll allow us to reopen the character, as she wrote the bio and adapted her.

In regards to the POTW, could everyone please make sure they run things by Dane (our appropriately named Bane player) if they want to involve Bane or his men in a plot in some way? He’s happy to talk to people either through pm or Skype but asks to be notified beforehand so we can keep everything cohesive and straightforward. 

Thank you!

Here are the results for the para mash-up!

  • Oliver & Floyd
  • Marley & Vera
  • Ivy & Vera
  • Richie & Traci
  • Richie & Ivy
  • Hunter & Traci
  • Hunter & Richie
  • Thomas & Helena
  • Elaine & Scandal
  • Tatsu & Floyd
  • Tim & Scandal
  • Tim & Hunter
  • Renee & Vera
  • Renee & Marley
  • Jaime & Dick
  • Jaime & Thomas
  • Sasha & Harvey



So Bane just broke the Clocktower. Thx Bane. Let’s talk about what’s affected aside from Babs’ basic ability to Oracle.

  • The clocks on the tower have stopped.
  • A bell that rings at 12 pm no longer rings.
  • The Clocktower acted as a signal amplifier for vigilante comms. So comms (especially in south Gotham) may be a little crackly with interference, and in Old Gotham there will be places where only close range comms work.
  • The storage for dangerous weaponry confiscated by the Batgirls and BoP is just completely locked, there is no way anyone can get in or out, not even Bane (Charlie, Hunter and Cisco, but only Charlie knows exactly where it is.)
  • Medical base occasionally used by Dr. Midnite is no longer operational.
  • Land pad for Zinda’s helicopter on the roof is still operational.
  • Additional security provisions for several vigilantes that were linked to the Clocktower security system (Renee’s and Dinah’s for example) are going to be weakened, not completely unusable. The parts where it sends out Maydays will not be functional.
  • As it’s completely locked down at every level, a lot of BoP gear is more or less unreachable. Seeing as Bane punched his way into the Batgirl cave, some of that stuff is reachable (some of it was locked away while Barbara, but again you’d have to know it was there, and Babs will probably lock the entrance to that part of the apartment block asap (Or have someone do it for her because this is worse than the week of snow for getting around in a wheelchair) The Batarang machine is unreachable. 
  • No one has eyes on all the streets anymore. Nor can Babs unlock doors for people, or delete security evidence for them, or anything like that.

On top of all of that, there are a lot of things that are linked to Barbara’s ability to do things that will become obvious as the week progresses.

We know that sometimes it’s hard to jump in and get paras started when there are so many members and characters. With this in mind, we decided it’s time for another para mash-up!

If you are open for paras and would like to enter the mash-up, simply send an ask to the main blog with the name of the character you’d like paras for and how many slots you have free for that character. This will allow the mod team to pair people up depending on plot, chemistry, or just for the fun of it. This is optional but obviously, the more people who take part, the more potential pairings we can have. Have at it!

Please unfollow Felicity Smoak. The role has been reopened at the player’s request.

Name/Alias: Jet Eisley/Shining Star
Affiliation: Hero
Age: 36 Years Old
Played By: OPEN
Face Claim: Simon Baker

"Oh! Get one of me with the baby! And make sure you capture my good side.”

If you live in Metropolis, chances are you’ve seen Jet Eisely more times than you could count. His face plastered on billboards across the city, his name cropping up in every other Daily Planet article, photos of Shining Star kissing babies and attending prestigious events. Eisely’s influence was inescapable. But despite being a media darling, few people know about his ever so humble beginnings. Born a half an hour out of Metropolis as Jeff Grimes. he was raised in a typical suburban household. Two parents, white picket fence, a dog, and as an only child, he had the undying attention of both his mother and his father.

Jeff was a teenager when his metahuman abilities first became apparent. One day, when his dad came home from work and asked him how school was, a bright beam of light came from Jeff’s eyes before he could answer. His father, who was looking at him, was permanently blinded by its intensity. Things changed for Jeff after that. His parents were afraid of him. They stuck by him, but he could tell they were always walking on eggshells, afraid that something like that would happen again. Their fears were warranted in that regard, but thankfully, Jeff found that he was quickly able to get the hang of his abilities. Even so, he could never forgive himself for the pain he caused his dad.

The first time Jeff put the costume on, it was for atonement. He wanted to prove that his powers could be used for good, and weren’t just a destructive force. Metropolis wasn’t like Gotham though. There weren’t many vigilantes, so the appearance of a new one took everyone by surprise. Also unlike Gotham, the heroes were celebrated. Highly celebrated. He could get used to this. All the attention he could ask for and more. 

Jeff was hooked. He changed his legal name to Jet Eisely to suit his new image, and adopted the vigilante name of Shining Star. Unlike the vigilantes from Gotham, Jet never intended on keep his identity a secret. He knew he had something special, something that could help a lot of people, and it would be wrong to keep it from the adoring public. He started taking on Metropolis’s high profile criminals. The MPD was more than willing to work with him (who wouldn’t be?), and in a legendary partnership, their combined efforts made a big impact on cleaning up the city and making it safe for its citizens. And he always made sure they got his name spelled right when they wrote up the report on the incident. That way he knew it’d be all squared away when the story ran front page in the Daily Planet. He had fans, they had to be able to follow his good deeds somehow, after all. This saving the city stuff left him without a lot of spare time to keep his social media presence as active as he’d like, he had to count on the good reporters of Metropolis to do the job for him. His image had spiraled out of his control and he loved it. 

Of course, other cities were less fortunate than Metropolis. Some were said to even be beyond saving. But Shining Star never gave up; at the suggestion of his sprawling fanbase, Jet left for Gotham to accomplish what Batman couldn’t. The city was jarring to Jet. Its vigilantes valued secrecy, and many flat-out refused to work with him due to the media spotlight that followed him around. They said he had corrupt morals just because he didn’t mind making his costume into a walking billboard for the companies that paid him, but he tried not to let them get to him. In fact, Jet knew that more than anything, Gotham was in dire need of a Shining Star. 

Character Facts:

  • Personality: Flashy, arrogant, talkative, naive, sanctimonious, charismatic, greedy, firm in his morals, flirtatious, well-intended
  • Does not like being called Jeff. Don’t do that.
  • Has amassed millions of dollars due to his public status as a vigilante and eagerness to exploit that for all its worth
  • LOVES having his photo taken, whether its by the media or a selfie. 
  • Won’t kill or maim under any circumstance. He believes in working with the police. 
  • Has a popular fan-page… that he runs himself!
  • He has surprisingly fragile confidence that relies upon what others think of him, even though he comes off as extremely thick-headed and unable to see his own flaws.

Abilities & Weapons:

  • Light manipulation: can be focused into a photon/laser that can blind someone; can also be used to create solid constructs like weapons and barriers.
  • Adored (and often loathed) by the public; people know who he is, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing
  • Wealthy
  • Charming and charismatic

On October 16th, 2014 three unlicensed and unmarked cargo ships appeared in Gotham Harbor. When they were discovered, they were empty. 

The next day, there was an odd number of roadwork crews around. Not just on the streets with the potholes, loose gravel, and gaping cracks in the asphalt. Main roads were torn up with jackhammers. Over the course of the next few days, roads were demolished, steam rollers and piles of tar were left in the middle of side streets, and navigating Gotham by foot or car became a challenge. Detour signs only led to more ruin, and more detour signs. Orange traffic cones blocked entire streets. Workmen in reflective vests denied being able to speak English, and men dressed as traffic cops redirected traffic. Then, as suddenly as they appeared, the roadwork crews disappeared, and in their wake there was large scale destruction. 

At the same time, small time criminals were being snatched off the street. First it was drug dealers and leg breakers, but then unsuspecting gym-goers started disappearing too. 

That was just the beginning. 

Bane had liberated the prisoners Peña Duro, the prison where he was born and raised. The prison on the small Caribbean Island of Santa Prisca. And he would take Gotham. Hundreds of loyal followers, armed to the teeth and pumping venom, are under his command, bolstered by local gangs that had been absorbed. His goal? To rule Gotham. He had broken the bat, the city was his, and now, he only needed to prove it. He and his army of drug addled bruisers would take the city. 

Important Notes:

  • Moving around Gotham is neigh impossible, with the rubble and chunks of asphalt and concrete on the streets
  • Bane’s troops have been ordered not to harm civilians unless necessary, but are specifically targeting vigilantes and the local police 
  • His troops are armed with automatic weapons, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades, as well as helicopters and tanks— all pillaged from the unsuspecting local National Guard 
  • Bridges connecting to the mainland have been structurally compromised. A few people walking across them might be okay, but something near the weight of a car would be risky 
  • About 1 in 20 of his troops are on venom, which makes direct hand to hand combat extremely dangerous
  • There are about 2000-2500 Peña Duro escapees, and another 500 or so bodies gleaned from local gangs
  • This is a longer term POTW, as it affects every character and aspect of the city

Name/Alias: Anissa Pierce/Thunder
Affiliation: Hero
Age: 28
Played By: OPEN
Face Claim: Aja Naomi King

"Does crime fighting always involve running away from explosions? We seem to do it a lot.”

Often, it’s a parent’s dream for their children to grow up to be just like them. Go into the family business and all that. But not Anissa’s dad. Jefferson Pierce didn’t want his baby girl to be a hero like him.

Anissa’s father, a hero that went by the name Black Lightning, was a high school principal by day, and a hero able to control lightening by night. He hoped and prayed that when his daughter was born, he wouldn’t pass on his meta gene to her, but he hadn’t been so lucky. As a fetus, Anissa wasn’t able to control her powers, which caused her to crush her mother’s spine during her premature birth. Jefferson didn’t blame Anissa for his wife’s death, but instead blamed himself for passing on a version of his curse. 

When Anissa was 5, her younger sister Jennifer was born to Jefferson and his new wife. She seemed normal, and Jefferson doted on her, which Anissa got jealous of. She would use her unstable powers to destroy things in the house when her fits of jealousy boiled over. She didn’t know how to communicate her feelings to her dad, and let them bottle up until they exploded. Finally, when Anissa hit puberty, Jefferson sat down and had a talk with his daughter. He felt horrible for what he hadn’t realized he was doing and eventually Anissa came to love her sister, and forgive her father, as she learned to let go of her feelings. But she’d never let go of her need to find out what happened to her mother.

When Anissa got into high school, she started to talk about following in her father’s footsteps, which he forbid her to do. She argued that she wanted to use her powers for good, but instead, Jefferson urged her to help people in another way. She became interested in medicine, partly to help people, and partly to try to understand her own powers, find how they’d come about through medical science. When she graduated from her undergrad program, her father made a deal with her: graduate from med school and then she could consider a career in crime fighting. She did, and the same night of her graduation she donned a costume and became Thunder.

She’d recently got a job at Gotham General Hospital, the same hospital she was born at. Risking her job, she broke into the medical records and found out what happened to her mom. What she’d done to her. She was determined to make up for it…make things right. She’d make her mother proud by helping others, with and without a mask.

Character Facts:

  • Personality: Plucky, driven, loyal, compassionate, guilt-ridden, easily angered, jealous tendencies
  • Anissa is gay.
  • Works at Gotham General Hospital as a surgeon. 
  • Is not on speaking terms with her father at the moment, since she holds a grudge against him for not telling her how her mom died.
  • Not very skilled in combat techniques, but makes up for it with the strength her powers give her. Because of this, she tends to make a lot of sloppy mistakes during fights.
  • Used to wear a blonde wig with her costume, but has since scrapped it in favor of a domino mask, to better protect her identity.

Abilities & Weapons:

  • Has the ability to increase her body’s mass (either all over or at certain impact points, such as her fist) while preserving volume, which effectively increases her density.
  • Can become completely invulnerable if her density is increased enough, at the cost of becoming completely immovable. 
  • Creates massive shockwaves by stomping the ground
  • Vast knowledge of medicine and is a trained doctor
  • Multilingual: Fluent in French and can hold a conversation in Spanish 

Put together the following puzzle pieces: 8 billion dollars delivered to a CADMUS scientist, a drug that kills ninety percent of the people injected with it while giving the remaining ten percent meta-human abilities, and a dead magician turned terrorist.

The self-proclaimed Game Master may be dead, but while one battle is over, the war is never won. The pieces he set into play are still moving and someone else is behind the chess board. Who is behind the mysterious disappearances of known meta-humans? Where are they? What is being done with them? And most importantly, are meta-humans just a pawn in the game, or are they the end goal of the game itself?